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  4. What’s up bro ?been searching for rio too smh who else has quality dumps?

    1. Namer


      Same as you friend. Smd had me killing it in Cali. Nothing now

    2. Scorpx1x


      Yea I’m in Cali too I hope he’s okay. I think I’m going to try Valium’s.ru I see a couple good reviews it just not as organized as Mario 

    3. Scorpx1x


      Sorry the site valid

  5. hey what is that bin so expensive that you are looking for you have tried the russainmarket:P

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    2. Scorpx1x


      Who has good dumps right now for the west?

    3. peluche88
    4. peluche88


      joker has been closed for more than a week because it is under maintenance or disappeared

  6. hi can you paste icq jabber or telegram if you have

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    2. KILOBIT


      yes paste here to talk something pls

    3. Dessywealth
    4. Dessywealth


      jabber: Dessywealth@thescure.biz

      telegram: Dessywealth03

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